Abu Simbel city geographical dimensions

It is away from Aswan 240 km and north of the Sudanese border 40 km above sea level 188 meters away from Tropic of Cancer 115 km. Come with me to try to understand the Abu Simbel temple phenomenon.

Why are we talking about geographical dimensions?

To know how the sun enters and to understand the Abu simbel temple phenomenon.

The sun travels from the equator to the Tropic of Cancer and then to the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn and finally to the Equator.

Throughout the year the sun comes perpendicular to the great temple of Abu Simbel. It does not come from the true east line, but from minus 11 south of the true east line.

what is the Abu Simbel temple phenomenon?

The sun heads to the entire front of the Abu Simbel temple and then penetrates inside the temple for a distance of 48 meters until it reaches the Holy of Holies.

This phenomenon currently occurred twice on October 21 and February 21, and the sun enters to settle for 20 minutes on most of the statues of King Ramses II and the god Amun-Re and part of the statues of the god Ra Hor and the god Ptah.

Because of the lifting of the temple during the rescue operation about 60 meters and going back about 200 meters, this led to different lines of latitude and latitude.

This led to the sun entering the temple on October 22 and February 22

We must know whether the ancient Egyptians intended this phenomenon from the beginning or did it come by chance?

The ancient Egyptians were making a plan to build any temple and there was a ritual called the ritual of stretching the rope for the goddess Seshat.

The priests used to determine the dimensions of the temple, i.e. the place where it was built.

Since it is a mountain, it was necessary to determine its facade from the Nile River and the sun perpendicular. They meant the phenomenon, but why did they go twice?

Inside the temple, in the Holy of Holies, we find two scenes of King Ramses II in front of two boats, one of which belongs to the god Ra Hor Akhty.

The second is the king in front of the god Amun-Ra. Thus there are two occasions that we will talk about later.

The sun was not mentioned in the great temple at all, but it was mentioned once in the small temple in a sentence from Ramses to Nefertari (for which the sun rises)

When was this phenomenon discovered?

Abu Simbel temple phenomenon known since 1871 by the English novelist Amelia Edward, who discovered it inside the temple. She came to the temple in February and discovered this phenomenon.

What did these two occasions mean to the ancient Egyptians?

If we know that the ancient Egyptian astronomical year contains three months, akhet, Burt, and Shammu.

The first from June 20 to October 20, the second from October 21 to February 20, and the third from February 21 to June 20.

The first season is the flood season, the second is the cultivation season, and the third is the harvest.

So the phenomenon was taking place at the beginning of the cultivation season and the beginning of the harvest season.