She is the daughter of one of the famous kings in the ancient Egyptian time called the new kingdom, the king Tuthmose the first. The daughter of the queen Ahmose.

A brief about her story

In the Ancient history, we had some queens who were really strong ladies and they could affect the history of Egypt such as the queen Ty the wife of king Amenhotep the third. Others like Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Kleopatra.

But even Queen who is really so much famous but she wasn’t originally an Egyptian lady rather the queen Hatchepsut was totally Egyptian lady from Egyptian parents.

After the death of her father

when her father died, king Tuthmose the first, he left his daughter Hatchepsut and his son Tuthmose the second, a boy from a minor wife. It wasn’t legal for Tuthmose the second to be the next king that’s why his stepsister the queen Hatchepsut solved the problem. you know what happened, she married her stepbrother and that’s called in the history of Egypt political marriage.you ee later that she didn’t only marry him to solve the problem. they ruled together few years and after that, nobody saw Tuthmose the second any more. He found dead in his palace, therefore, a lot of historians said that she killed her husband as she loved the power so much.

The peak of her story

A new problem faced her to rule alone, it is the young boy Tuthmose the third, he only boy family and the stepson of the queen who was almost 7 years old. She told him that he will be the king and she will be a sponsor for him till he is old enough and he will be the king.

It wasn’t accepted by the ancient Egyptians to have a lady ruling as a king as she considered herself as a king. Firstly she created a story with the help of the priests saying that God Amun slept with her mother, she became pregnant and Hatchepsut came. this means that she is the daughter of the god Amun and it means that no discussion anymore with the queen.

she made her statues exactly like the men kings having big muscles, alse beared and even her breasts were very small to look like the men kings. the only thing in her body which the sculptors couldn’t make like the men, itis her eyes which were really big and beautiful as well, exactly like the ladies.

She let him next to her on the throne 3 years and after that, he imprisoned him to rule alone almost 20 years

So she ruled 20 years of peace, no battles,no wars that why she was accepted by the Egyptians.

After her death , uthmose the third became the king and tried to destroy everything related to her including her temple and her obelisks and logically he wanted to kill her but nobody knows the reason of her death. ince we found the mummy, it started a big debate among the historians, who mummified the queen????